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Hello there, ninja digital marketers and online business owners!

I know you might be wandering around to find the best marketing or business blogs that actually help with your business.

The sad part around on the internet, dang, yes, it’s full of hype, gimmicks, click baits and fake news. How sad the people are being sick of consistently confronting all the lame information…

No doubt, if you’re looking for marketing or business blogs that move the needle, you got the right place here, where our team Lydir of seasoned marketers and editors help you out for your business success by sharing our actionable tips and guides over digital marketing, SEO, blogging, and various business sectors.

No gimmick, we will really try hard and make sure that you will love our blog, genuinely.

What We Cover

We cover all the digital marketing things like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing to business matters, and business tech that makes your business operation easier.

This is a marketing and business-focused blog that mainly digs in the things business owners have to know, especially if they are focused on online marketing and digital-based business.

Our Publication Categories


Search engine optimization is the biggest one that we are confident with off of our one decade of experience. Our SEO tips and guides are crafted in a combined way — white hat or occasionally, some grey hat SEO at a moderate degree, which still works so well for your improvement of search visibility and page rankings. It’s totally up to you whether you prefer to go for, white hat or grey hat, but we just aim our navigation for what drives results.

Digital Marketing

In this section, we will talk about all the marketing things done digitally, such as various channels of social media marketing, inbound/outbound email marketing, web marketing, mobile app marketing, PPC, content strategies over a variety of channels, forum marketing, influencer marketing, PR marketing, and countless.

In fact, it wouldn’t be worth your energy, going by all the hundred and thousand marketing strategies at the same time. The chances are that you might be left with a lot of distraction unless you give it a concentration on your solid marketing channels.

In our digital marketing category, we will take care of a huge range of subcategories, and we will help you capitalize on our big pool of marketing information in order for you to narrow down ‘your things’ and end up rolling in.

Social Media

You will enjoy (hopefully!!) a number of social media tips, guides, hacks, and marketing strategies from our Social Media category.

Besides our focus on digital marketing, we regard this place as the comprehensive social media guides and help center for not only marketers but also any users that use social media on an everyday basis for their fun.


Blogging is one of the most important parts when it comes to growing search visibility, lead generation, and long term branding.

In our blogging category, we will share with you blogging strategies, ideas for content creations, how to drive traffic, and all that matters for your blogging success.


Business is one of the main themes of our blog, along with digital marketing and SEO.

We are basically serving business owners who run their business partly, or entirely relying on online — in this section, we publish business-related articles from general business news to guides and tips in specific parts that help make your business operation easier.

What’s More

Internet of Things, websites, software, and other technologies that business owners can capitalize on for their business operation are the things we are passionate to write about, as well.

Don’t miss out on the things too if it fits in your interests. 🙂 Also, we are brainstorming and planning what else benefits our business-enthusiastic audience — our topic coverage will be constantly extended as long as our readers need it.

How to Contact Us

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We are always excited to hear from you pitching an exciting business that we both dive into together!

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