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The articles we accept are relevant to the topics that we publish within this blog and the niche topics that our readers find helpful for themselves.

About And Why We Offer Guest Post Opportunities

We are a digital marketing & business blog that mainly serves the interests of business owners who run/promote/market their business online.

We are made of a few digital marketing & online business enthusiasts that write helpful tips and guides for business owners.

Besides our own resources, we feel some need for other contributors’ helps to make our blog even richer with high-quality content within our niches, so here our need comes.

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Publishing sponsored posts on will grant you a lot of benefits. Our blog and domain have high SEO scores, such as Moz DA or Ahrefs DR. Plus, our pinpointed niche audience will be another great help for your online promotion.

If your content you submit to us is good enough to be published, you will enjoy all the beneficial metrics we have to offer you and your website. Our publication process is instant, normally done within 2 – 3 working days, which is another reason why you write for us.

What You Can Write For Us

Our content publication is carried out within these niches below.

SEO, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Internet, Tools & Software, Business, and other topics that don’t go too far beyond our audience’s interests.

Also, you can refer to the header menu of our blog and have a look around the previously published articles for better reference.

Essential Requirements

We hate to turn down any guest post submissions, though, sometimes, we have to. The articles we want to publish are just subject to the minimal requirements of ours. Please have a look below:

  • Word Count: 800+ words per article
  • Backlink(s): 1 – 2
  • Anchor Text: Avoid the exactly matching keywords (Please, use LSI or branded terms at your best)
  • Topic: The best is what we mentioned above, but you can pitch us your idea first when it seems outside our range.
  • Images: one featured image and another in the body text

These are all and we think this isn’t as tough as other websites that request the Shakespeare’s quality.

What You Can Expect By Guest Blogging For Us

Link Building is still considered the #1 solution for your SEO improvement and accumulating organic traffic from Google.

Lydir has a great topical TrustFlow in marketing and business niches, and high domain authority which all will pass positive impacts to your search rankings.

Besides that, you can additionally capitalize on writing for us for:

  • More Leads and Sales: Niche Traffic that may bounce to your web pages through the links placed.
  • Branding: Your brand will be exposed to an army of our audience and be remembered.
  • SERPs Improvement: To repeat, guestposting on a high authority is a great fuel to lift your organic search positions. Of course, the content relevancy is a must-do thing to make sure.
  • Visibility of Content: Your content is put on a ton of eyeballs and the information-hungry people can aggressively navigate to your pages through the backlinks.

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Write For Us SEO, Marketing, Social Media, Internet, Business

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